About Us

World Spark is a faith base 501 (c)(3) non-profit created to improve the education and condition of needy children. Seeing every boy or girl as a child of God, World Spark believes that helping one child contributes to a better world for all children. Our mission is to change the world one child at a time.

Since its inception World Spark has provided hundreds of neglected or impoverished children with educational and emotional assistance. In 2018 439 children participated in one or more of World Spark's programs.

Thanks to the efforts of a growing number of individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and faiths our mission is bearing good fruit. Though we differ in many ways, we share the belief that helping a child changes the world.

There are millions of children like those we serve; children we cannot reach. We would like our small efforts to inspire others, regardless of location or circumstances, to give their time and talent to other children in need. We hope that the spark of our efforts will spread the flame of hope throughout the world and to all God's children.

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